Neil Harris received 3,089 votes (25.57%), Yamil Hernández received 2,361 votes (19.54%), and Robert T. Wu received 3,137 votes (25.97%). The remaining candidates in order of total votes received were Shanika Whitehurst with 2,222 votes (18.39%), Daniel Lukomsky with 942 votes (7.80%), and Omodamola Williams with 886 votes (7.33%).

Daniel Lukomsky for Gaithersburg City Council

I am asking for your support of my campaign. I believe that I can make a difference in our community, and I would be honored to have your vote.


Daniel Lukomsky: Your City Council Member

       I am excited to announce that I am running for Gaithersburg City Council. I am currently living in Pheasant Run neighborhood, right next to Seneca Creek State Park. My daughter attends Lakelands Park Middle School, and my son is a second year student at the University of Maryland, College Park. I work for an affordable housing developer, which builds and operates apartment communities throughout Mid Atlantic. I also write on local issues at, check out my articles there, or you can click on the My Articles tab above. 

       I am running for City Council because I love living in Gaithersburg and will work to make it a better place (see Why am I running? section below). I am so grateful to live in this desirable and welcoming community, and would appreciate your vote for me in November.  I will be responsive to my neighbors from all over the city and will provide new insights and energy to the city of Gaithersburg.  Let's be great neighbors to one another, and make our city a little better. 


Why am I running?

I am running for City Council in Gaithersburg, MD because I believe that our city is at a crossroads. We are facing a number of challenges, including rising crime, speeding on residential streets, insufficient small business support, and a lack of affordable housing. However, we also have a number of opportunities, including our strong economy, our diverse population, and our commitment to being good neighbors. 

I believe that my experience and skills make me the best candidate to address these challenges and opportunities. I have a proven track record of working with people from all walks of life to find common ground and solve problems. I am also a strong advocate for economic development, affordable housing, and environmental protection.

If elected, I will work to make Gaithersburg a city where everyone can thrive. I will tackle the challenges, while being responsive to neighbors' current and future needs.  My main focus areas are: reducing property crime and speeding on residential streets, supporting small business and creating more affordable housing. I believe that these challenges can be addressed by taking a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Investing in public safety: I will work to increase police presence and enforcement, and to implement crime prevention programs.
  • Creating a more livable environment: I will work to reduce speed on neighborhood streets, and to make our community more walkable and bike-able. Residents are concerned about their safety and the ability to enjoy the street on foot and on bicycle. 
  • Supporting small businesses: I will work to create an environment that is conducive to small business growth, by streamlining the government approval process and giving small businesses the opportunity to market themselves with assistance from the city.
  • Building more affordable housing: I will work to increase the supply of affordable housing, and to protect existing affordable housing units from being converted to market-rate housing. Gaithersburg should have housing for teachers, police officers, service workers and healthcare staff. 

Property Crime

Property crime is a serious problem in our city and it has been increasing.  It affects people of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds. It makes people feel unsafe in their own homes and neighborhoods. It also costs businesses and taxpayers millions of dollars each year.

I believe that we can reduce property crime by taking a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Increased police presence and enforcement: I will work with the police department to increase patrols in high-crime areas and to crack down on crime.
  • Community-based crime prevention: I will work with community organizations to implement crime prevention programs that target the root causes of crime, such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of opportunity.
  • Improved lighting and security: I will work to improve lighting and security in public areas to make them less attractive to criminals.


Speeding is a major factor in traffic accidents, and it is especially dangerous in residential neighborhoods. I believe that we can reduce speed on neighborhood streets by taking the following steps:

  • Installing speed bumps and other traffic calming devices: I will work with the city to install speed bumps and other traffic calming devices in neighborhoods where speeding is a problem.
  • Enforcing speed limits: I will work with the police department to enforce speed limits in residential neighborhoods.
  • Educating drivers about the dangers of speeding: I will work with high schools and community organizations to educate drivers about the dangers of speeding and the importance of following the speed limit.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create jobs, provide goods and services, and contribute to the vibrancy of our community. However, small businesses are facing a number of challenges, including rising rents, increasing competition from online retailers, and a lack of access to capital.

I believe that we can support small businesses by taking the following steps:

  • City can provide incentives to small businesses, which will allow them to compete with chain stores and major corporations. Incentives can be city-sponsored marketing and advertising campaigns, which will allow small businesses to showcase their products and services. 
  • Making it easier for small businesses to get loans: We will work to make it easier for small businesses to get loans so that they can expand and invest in their businesses.
  • Government approvals/permits should be streamlined, to make it as accessible as possible. 

Affordable Housing

The lack of affordable housing is a major problem in our community. It forces people to live further away from jobs, and decreases their quality of life.

I believe that we can build more affordable housing by taking the following steps:

  • Increasing the supply of affordable housing: I will work with developers to build more affordable housing units.
  • Being flexible with zoning. We need to look at each opportunity to add affordable housing, and issue a zoning exception if necessary. 
  • Protecting existing affordable housing: Gaithersburg needs to protect existing affordable housing units from being converted to market-rate housing.

Thank you for your support. Please share your ideas and comments with me. 

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